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Examples and best practice

Native Advertising

Native TeaserAds

In contrast to advertising banners, which clearly stand out from the editorial part of a website, native advertising blends so harmoniously into the page layout that it does not stand out from the journalistic content at first glance. It is often only the labelling as an “advertisement” that makes the difference. In order for the principle of native advertising to be fully effective, it is important to ensure that the format, style and wording of the content is editorial in nature. The greater the similarity, the greater the likelihood that the reader will seek further information on a particular topic. At this point, it is important to meet the reader’s expectations, i.e. their need for further information. The click on the advertising material then leads to the advertiser’s landing page.

Native Advertising

Native VideoAd

The Native VideoAd is basically identical to the Native TeaserAd. However, it differs in that a video is integrated into the teaser rather than a static image. When clicking on the advertising material, the user can either be linked directly to the landing page, as with the TeaserAd, or to a LayerAd with a video player, as with the CinemaAd.

Native Advertising

Native Cinema Ad

The Native Cinema Ad is basically identical to the Native TeaserAd. However, it differs in that clicking on the ad does not open the advertiser’s landing page, but a video window (as a LayerAd). The LayerAd can be branded to the customer around the video.

Display Advertising


A billboard is a large-format advertising space that is usually placed at the top of a website, usually directly below the navigation bar or header. It occupies a prominent position and offers advertisers plenty of space for visual and textual content. Due to its size and eye-catching placement, this type of advert is particularly suitable for branding campaigns and important advertising messages.

Display Advertising


The wallpaper ad combines a super banner and a skyscraper. This eye-catching advertising space frames the content of the page and allows you to customise the background colour. This creates an impressive and effective appearance for your advert.

Display Advertising

SkyscraperAd / SitebarAd

These ads are vertical banner ads that are placed along the sidebar of a website. Skyscrapers (up to 200 pixels wide) and sitebars (300 pixels+ ) can be static or animated and offer a prominent placement that remains visible while users scroll through the page content (sticky effect). The sitebar can also be dynamic and automatically adjust to the width of the available page margin. They are well suited for brand awareness and product presentations.

Mobile Advertising


A mobile ad is a form of digital advertising that is specially designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These ads appear in mobile apps or on mobile-optimised websites. They come in various formats, including banners, videos or native ads that achieve high visibility on the screen. Mobile ads are often designed to fit the smaller screen sizes and provide a positive user experience without being too intrusive. Due to the increasing use of mobile devices, mobile ads offer an effective way to reach target groups directly.

E-Mail Advertising

The ‘stand-alone mailing’ version is often used in email marketing. This is a single mailing to a selected group of recipients. It is usually not part of a regular email series such as a newsletter, but is created for a specific purpose or campaign. Standalone mails are therefore particularly suitable for targeted marketing campaigns that are intended to convey a clear, focussed message to a specific group.

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