FMG takes over the marketing of

// 03.07.2017

We are pleased that we were able to win the exclusive marketing rights in agency sales as of 1 July 2017. The cooperation has been running since August 2016, but fortunately has been significantly expanded. is Germany’s leading financial community. No other stock exchange portal has a comparable variety of opinions and facts on individual stocks. At the same time, is the most active financial community in Germany, with up to 10,000 new user posts a day in over 80 forums. Current news and analyzes of renowned stock exchange experts complete the offer and make the indispensable advisor in all matters relating to Börse & Investment. The wallstreet:online AG operates and markets the eponymous portal since 1998.

Coverage per month: 25 million PIs, 4.2 million visits, 0.75 million unique visits

(Co-)Marketer of

// 18.04.2017

We welcome another leading financial portal in our portfolio. From now on we support in advertising space marketing. is one of the most successful financial portals in the German-speaking Internet (reach according to IVW: 14 million PIs, 2.4 million visits, 0.25 million UU). provides fast and comprehensive information on the stock market and finance, innovative tools for the search and analysis of equities, funds and structured investment products as well as free watch list and portfolio functions.

FMG wins Swiss Exchange as partner

// 01.01.2017

With the SIX Swiss Exchange AG and its portal and the structured products website, Finance Media GmbH (FMG) has found a very important partner for the Swiss market , Both sides together offer a monthly reach of 1.5 million PageImpressions and around 0.5 million uniqueUsers in Switzerland. We are very pleased to welcome the SIX in our portfolio and look forward to the launch on 01.01.2017.

New and exclusive in the portfolio:

// 01.12.2016

We welcome to 01.12.2016 (DTL) new in our portfolio. Through the daily webinar, every investor can look over the traders’ shoulders and track their trades. Free of course. Each week another free webinar is organized for everyone who wants to optimize their trading style.

New and exclusive in the portfolio:

// 10.11.2016

With the portal, Finance Media GmbH has won one of the most successful and active forums for active traders and investors. With a monthly reach of 2.3 million PIs, we are pleased to now exclusively serve the portal.

New: in the marketing

// 25.08.2016

We are very pleased that we are now able to support Germany’s leading trading community in the marketing of advertising space. With more than 26 million PIs and over 0.8 million unique users, GodmodeTrader is the Internet portal with the highest reach for trading, technical analysis and investment strategies in German-speaking countries.